What are the problems?

Forty years of single-party rule in Augusta has brought us high taxes, over-regulation and expensive energy costs which are driving job creators out of the state.  This mass exodus has lead to an aging work force and declining employment.  Local newspapers seem to print new stories daily about heroin overdoses while as a state we continue to battle the scourge of generational welfare dependence.  Our children and grandchildren, saddled with debt accumulated on our watch are graduating from college with the real prospect of having to look elsewhere throughout New England for good-paying jobs.  This has got to stop.

What are the solutions?

● Reduce the overall taxes on businesses and individuals, by making Government smaller and more efficient.

● Purchase inexpensive, hydro created electricity from Quebec that has excess capacity

● Expensive and unnecessary regulations need to be eliminated. Many will be brought to common sense, reasonable and efficient levels. State regulations will be reduced to not exceed Federal levels.

● Employment will increase by making it easier and less costly for businesses that want to start/expand and/or relocate to Maine and its employees. Towns will be encouraged to implement streamlined, understandable business development practices.

● Dramatically reduce “Red Tape” constraining businesses

● Emphasize the dangers of drug abuse through education and make rehabilitation more accessible

● Attract and retain new college graduates with newly created private sector jobs and establish tuition loan income tax credits for graduates. Provide skill sets at high schools, vocational and community colleges that businesses need.

● Increase back to work efforts while providing basic needs for only those truly unable to provide for themselves.

Why is Jim Means the person to fix them?

I not only have a strong desire to improve the quality of life for future generations, but I have the skill set and real-world experience to make the needed changes.  I truly have an optimistic view of Maine’s future.  As a state we are blessed with abundant natural resources, fine institutions of higher learning and a gritty population brimming with Yankee ingenuity and a work ethic second to none.  My successes with hundreds of businesses across the nation were achieved by learning about their problems and providing cost effective solutions. I want to take that experience to Augusta, combine it with some of that famous Yankee ingenuity, hard work and a heavy dose of common sense.

Our leaders are heavily influenced by leadership in their party and by outside special interests and lobbyists.  Confidence in the legislative process is at an all-time low because we have elected people who campaign on one thing and do the exact opposite when they are elected to office.  I am  immune to special interest groups; they will not affect my decision making or efforts made for the benefit of Maine, and in particular the residents of Gorham and Scarborough.  I will work for all of my constituents and will sign my name only to thoughtful legislation that helps the people of Maine regardless of the party affiliation of the sponsor.  Let me put my experience, my work ethic and my family values to work for you in Augusta.

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