Meet Jim Means

I Grew up in Tonawanda, NY, a suburb just north of Buffalo.  My father, a World War II veteran, owned George F. Means, the oldest tool and die company in western New York, which was founded by my grandfather.  My mother, active with Franciscan Ministries was a homemaker and regular school volunteer.

I am the oldest of three and the only boy, I was inseparable from my father.  Some of my fondest memories were spent in the Allegheny mountains hunting and fishing with him.  I learned about tradition, about conservation and how important it is to preserve our natural open spaces.  I earned the highest level of marksmanship in the NRA program at 13 years of age; and learned the history of why our second amendment rights are so important as Americans.

I participated in every Memorial Day Parade (Boy Scouts & Band) learning about Patriotism and honoring our Veterans.  I worked hard and excelled in school, learning the importance of a good education. High school wrestling team taught me the importance of physical fitness and teamwork.

My favorite annual family vacation was (and still is) to Calabogie, Ontario fishing.  We still stay in a log cabin my grandfather persuaded an Algonquin Chief to build (he built seven) in the 1930's.  I learned a great deal about Algonquin culture and their respect for nature. Together these experiences gave me deep respect for the American way of life and I naturally became interested in preserving it and making it imperative that we as a people work within a free framework to achieve our highest level of achievement.

My wife of 39 years, JoAnn and I have three sons.  Our eldest son, James, is a sales representative for a specialty wood/forest products company.  He travels throughout New England and lives in Gorham.  Our middle son, Mike, is the founder and owner of MJM Landscaping which he started ten years ago. He also lives in Gorham.  Our youngest son, Adam, is in IT management at Liberty Mutual and lives in New Hampshire.  We raised our sons with the same appreciation for America my father instilled in me; a love of family, of faith, of country and the belief that in America one can accomplish whatever he sets his mind towards.  We are proud that all three boys have no college debt, they traditionally financed and purchased their own homes by the time they were 25.

I attended Clarkson University and spent the vast majority of my career in real estate development, project development and asset management.  It was a portfolio management opportunity with Union Mutual that brought us to Maine over 30 years ago.

During that time frame, I was responsible for complete real estate development, from land acquisition, to project  development and construction, leasing, marketing, property management and sales.  I oversaw construction loans, permanent financing and joint ventures as well as workouts, foreclosures, repositioning and sales of distressed real estate.  I regularly oversaw an asset portfolio valued in excess of $350 Million.

In addition to 28 years of asset management and development experience, I also founded and owned a real estate investment firm which purchased and operated an institutional grade  244 unit apartment community. The firm also leased, managed and sold a seven building multi-use industrial/office park.

I have also been very active in the community having served as Scoutmaster of Troop 875 in Standish as well as served as Chair of Friends of Scouting.  I held nearly every board position including chair at Cheverus High School between 1999 and 2007 and remain a member of the Board of Advisors.  I am a former member of the Gorham Economic Development Corporation, former Chair of the St. Anne’s Finance and Administration Committee and am the Financial Secretary for the Knights of Columbus Gorham Council.

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